FOX EOS 12ft Carp Rod

Fox EOS Range of Carp Rods: Least Expensive – Same High Quality

Best carp rods in 2016 for beginners or those on a tight budget who still want the best carp rods in 2016 that Fox is known for, choose from the Fox EOS range and you won’t be disappointed.

In the Fox EOS Range you have your choice of three rods: the 12 ft. 3 lbs., 13 ft. 3.5 lbs., and the 12 ft. 3 lbs. EOS telescopic.

These three carp rods are made from top-quality carbon, which means they’re lightweight yet amazingly strong. They start at 3 lbs. to enable further casting, of perhaps PVA bags, etc. If you require additional distance, the 13 ft. 3.5 lb. rod may be a better choice, however the 12 ft. rod does cast a fair whack!


All three rods come in a sleek Matte Black finish. The reel seat is the abbreviated handle with a DPS-style seat. The 12 ft. rod comes with a 40 mm butt ring and a 14 mm tip ring, while the 13 ft. rod has a 50 mm butt ring and a 16 mm tip ring.

Close up of the carp rod

The 12ft and the 13ft are two section full carbon blanks.

The 12 ft. telescopic rod is extremely compact, retracting from 12 ft. down to 4 ft., which makes it ideal for fishing at smaller venues, boat fishing or to pack up for travelling.

12 ft. EOS Rod is Fox product code: CRD254 on Amazon
13 ft. EOS Rod is Fox product code: CRD255 on Amazon
12 ft. Telescopic EOS Rod is Fox product code: CRD256 on Amazon


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