Carp Care Kit by Korda

We have found Korda’s all in one carp care kit an excellent choice when it comes to looking after carp.
Looking after your carp is an essential part of fishing. This is more for beginners of carp fishing, however, this should still be a good knowledge to those advanced Carpers.

Alternative carp care to Korda, is the Carp Aid Spray on Amazon

Carp pick up all sorts of injuries, everything from scrapes and grazes to hook damage. Even if it looks like the hook hasn’t made any damage to the carps mouth, we advise you still treat the wound with a protective liquid. Korda make an excellent liquid which can be found on Amazon: Korda Carp Care Disinfectant All-In-One

Carp Care Kit by Korda.

Fishing Net

I see people using inadequate landing nets all the time. If you’re carp fishing you should use a net no less than 36 inches, standard! There are plenty of nets at great prices here at Amazon: 36 inch fishing net


Unhooking Mats

Another bug bearer of mine is unhooking mats. I can’t believe people aren’t using them. If you don’t have one wet grass seems the next obvious option but ideally, you want to use a wet unhooking mat. Please under no circumstances drag fish up the banks or across hard ground, they really don’t like it.


Watch the Carps fins

Please be careful of the fishes fins. Ideally, you want to unhook the fish in the net before going to the unhooking mat and please make sure the fins are facing backwards so you don’t get them caught up in the net.

Antiseptic liquid

Next is fish antiseptic liquid. You should use this if the fish has any wounds. Most hook wounds heal up themselves but there’s no reason you can’t use a little liquid in this area, a standard ear cotton bud can help with this. Also, check the Carp over to see if it has any cuts or grazes. If so gently rub some liquid in. As said above we recommend an all in one carp care kit by Korda available here on Amazon.

Unhooking Fish

A lot of people just use their hand, which is fine. I like to use various tools to unhook a carp as it makes it quicker and easier, meaning less stress for the fish. Long nose pliers are great for unhooking. If the hook is awkward and has got caught or gone all the way through the Carp’s mouth, then please cut the hook using these cutter pliers. Hooks are very cheap and it’s better to look after the carps mouth than to try to save your hook.


Weighing Carp

Please be extra careful when weighing carp as this is when most accidents happen. You are lifting the Carp off, normally hard ground and this is when they tend to become slippery and wriggle out of your arms. Please try to do this as quick as possible and not too far off the ground. The multi-mat by Nash is excellent as it more than one job. You can use as an unhooking mat and you can weigh the carp in it as well, this eliminates too much handling of the fish. making it the perfect solution for carp care. A lot of unhooking mats can be used for weighing, if so please do this. Find scales like this on Amazon: fishing scales


Photographing Carp

This is much the same as weighing carp except you will need to hold the fish for longer. Please wet your hands before holding the Carp and make sure your unhooking mat is underneath. Try a photograph near a grassy area (if there’s one close by) so if the fish does escape, landing on grass will be better than hard ground.


Putting Carp Back in the Water

Ideally return the carp quickly to the water in the unhooking mat, making sure its fins are positioned correctly.
Near the water carefully pick up the fish and hold in the water until she’s ready to swim away.

Putting carp back

Clean Gear

Please dip your gear before leaving and arriving at a fishery. On a final note, make sure you clean all your gear down when you return home, so many anglers neglect to do so, please don’t be one of them.

I hope this all makes sense, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you are unsure of anything, or if you noticed I have missed something. If you have found another great carp care kit, please let us know so we can review it.

Happy fishing 😉

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