Carp Talk magazine has now ceased with the final publication being issue 1231. Which went on sale back in June 2018.

Here’s the notice from Carp Talk’s website:

Important Notice
Sadly Carp Talk ceased publication with the final issue being 1231 which went on sale 26th of June 2018.Thank you for the last 24 years of support, it’s been a blast!

‘Team Carp-Talk’

However, have no fear there’s plenty more fish in the lake and if you are like me and love the old glossy’s then read on. Below we will review some magazines to take on Carp Talk and provide you with some lakeside, ample reading.

Total Carp Magazine


CARPology Magazine


Carpworld Magazine


Carp-Talk was one of the UK’s leading carp fishing magazines since its launch in 1994. It was a weekly editorial edited by top carp angler ‘Simon Crow’.

Carp talk wanted to thank every single one of their readers and the companies that supported them through the years and said that times have changed since 1994 which in turn made it not feasible to produce the magazine anymore. They also wanted to thank the founders: Chris Ball, Tim Paisley and Kevin Clifford and all of their staff of the past.

Whether you were a fan of Carp-Talk Magazine or not? We would love to hear your thoughts on this or other magazines. If you can think of others to add to this list and reasons why then please put in the comments below.

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