Let’s Make Homemade Boilies with this Recipe

We are reviewing Cell and Activ-8 by Mainline as these have had great success on prolific carp waters. Their ingredients have been tried and tested.

This doesn’t mean you have to use these products but I would suggest trying them out first then move onto other ingredients to split test and work out what’s best for you and your waters.

Mainline have created ‘Cell’ which is totally different from anything before. It’s not like others which are bird food, fishmeal or milk protein, they have pushed boundaries with this bait.


Boilies – Bait Ingredients

In this homemade boilies recipe, Mark uses a base mix from mainline. You use this with the cell activator found here on Amazon. In this example, he uses 50 eggs and 5kilos of base mix, the normal amount in a bag is 10kilos so he has used half a bag. Now use 150ml of the activator, again only half the amount. He adds it to the 5kilos of base mix.


Put the eggs into a mixing bowl or similar then add the base mix and activator.

Mixing Boilies up

Next, we need to mix it up, if you have a paint mixer attachment which you can find here, place in your drill and mix up the ingredients.


Once you have mixed up, in order to make homemade boilies you will need to knead the mix like you would bread.

Roll out the mix

Once everything is mixed and well-kneaded take indoors and roll it into large thick sausage-like shapes. The width will be the same as the sausage gun.


Now, put the rolled sausage mix into the gun and use a head that’s just slightly smaller than the diameter of the rolling table to get the best result.

Squeeze onto the Bait Rolling Table

Squeeze out the mix using the gun across the bait rolling table found on Amazon. Then put the top of the rolling table down and move backwards and forwards to turn the mix into shaped balls. To achieve the best-shaped boilies you should do this a few times.


Boiling The Boilies

boil-the-boiliesLastly, you will need to put the homemade boilies into boiling water for 2 minutes.
In this example, Mark makes 20mm boilies and freezes the rest that won’t be used.

You could try this

Don’t be afraid to experiment, you could use soya flour in combination with the base mix and use colouring’s to make the boilies into bright colours. The key is to find a bait that works well for you. Not every lake is the same and we have noticed what works in one, doesn’t in another. Test the lake you’re fishing on to see what homemade boilies recipe works best.

Have you made your own homemade boilies? We would love to hear what recipes you used. Please leave a comment below.

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