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  • Wychwood Riot Big Pit 65
  • Wychwood Riot Big Pit 75
  • Wychwood Solace Compact Big Pit 55QD

We have been reviewing some items by Wychwood and have found some hidden gems. We first looked at their luggage range then looked at their rods, which I have to say are built perfectly, but it’s the reels that really shine when it comes to build quality. We had a look at three different Wychwood reels, The Wychwood Riot Big Pit Reel 75, Wychwood Solace Big Pit 65RDS and the Wychwood Solace Compact Big Pit 55QD which happens to be the same reel but it’s slightly smaller and more compact, ideal for lighter test curve rods.

Wychwood Riot Big Pit Reel


We love the Wychwood riot big pit 65 and the 75 for a number of reasons:

  • The price is amazing
  • Conversion to baitrunner
  • High build quality
  • Line guard to keep spool clean
  • Heavy line capacity
  • Fast ratio for distance winching
  • Large ergonomic handle
  • Not just a carp reel but a good all-rounder
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate carp fishermen

Wychwood have been bringing out some cracking pieces of equipment and these reels really top everything off. As said in the video, these Wychwood riot big pit 65
are second to none for their price point and you have to check them out to believe how good the quality is.


Pros of these reels

These reels are awesomely priced for the build quality. They will definitely out perform any reel in this price range but are still up there with the big boys. It’s a timeless reel so it will not only last years but it will still be a good contender in years to come. Other pros are mentioned above.

The only con is, it’s not one of the best names out there for reels but if you can put up with that then there’s no issue at all.

A lot of people use these just for their Spod and marker setups and they say the riot big pit reels cast much further than 100 yards. Personally I think these reels are too good to use for that alone. I would buy the 75 model for marking and Spod setups and the 65RDS Reel
for carp fishing.

It’s been a few years since their release and I still don’t believe they get the reviews I think they deserve especially at under £60. Don’t overlook these if looking for a new carp reel.

Technical Details

Smooth Drag System
Comes with 2 spools
Oversized Handle for Extra Cranking Power
Well Made Aluminium Handle
5, 1 Ball Bearings

The big pit reels come in 2 different sizes,
The Riot Big Pit 65: Line capacity of 340m at 15lbs line.
The Riot Big Pit 75 has a considerable amount more capacity at 420m again with 15lb line.

Last Thoughts

Like I said before these well built reels are top of their game in their price bracket, they definitely should be up there with the more expensive reels. These reels won’t let you down like most of the cheaper reels in this range.

As a company you can reply on Wychwood, they have been around many years and they are one of the most reputable companies in their game, this really reflects in the Riot Big Pit Reels it shows of their companies quality. So what are you waiting for.

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